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878TEN numbers
878TEN Ltd has been appointed a distributor of 878TEN numbers to support the delivery of Universal Personal Telecommunication (UPT) services.
For further information concerning allocations of 878TEN numbers contact Vincent This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
The objective of VISIONng
The objective of VISIONng is to provide a framework for the promotion and development of commercial, global, IP Communications services utilizing Enum and the 878TEN number range.
Carrier of Last Resort for 878TEN numbers

878CLR Ltd has been appointed as the carrier of last resort for 878TEN numbers and associated communications traffic to support the delivery of UPT services.
For further information concerning 878CLR services contact  


Our News

UK network coverage for +87810

All the major UK mobile networks, Vodafone,02,Orange,T-mobile and 3 are now routing the +87810 Country Code.
This range is enabled for both voice and and sms in the UK and across the globe.

Global implementation of +87810

VisionNG and Sentiro have made significant progress this year in implementing the global Country Code +87810 in Fixed and Mobile networks throughout Europe and the Far East.


Voice Termination & Inbound SMS

In 2007 Level 3 began the management of International voice termination for the +87810 international country code.

The Level 3 network solutions have the capability to support large-scale delivery of content, transport and voice, all while delivering high levels of quality and reliability.

We are now adding inbound text messaging functionality to this numbering resource.


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