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Once a telephone number is entered, it is translated into an Internet address using the following steps:

  1. The phone number is translated into a fully qualified E.164 number by adding the city (or area) and country code. Example: 555-1234 dialed in Washington, DC becomes +1-202-555-1234, where the "1" represents the North American country code. The "+" indicates that the number is a fully qualified E.164 number.
  2. All characters are removed except for the digits. Example: 12025551234
  3. The order of the digits is reversed. Example: 43215552021
  4. Dots are placed between each digit. Example:
  5. The domain "" is appended to the end. Example:

ENUM then issues a DNS query on this domain. Once the authoritative name server is found, ENUM retrieves relevant NAPTR Resource records and will perform according to the user's registered services for that number.

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