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Another 700,000 VoIP users can be contacted on the +87810 ENUM service 

From Today the users of the VoIP pioneers FWD are provisioned with the global country code +87810.

FWD’ers ( can now be contacted from all VoiP, enum enabled networks without the callers having to find and add a prefix.

They simply have to dial +87810 1 393 followed by a 6 digit FWD subscriber number

Using this number will also allow user to receive SMS and Multi-Media services.

The number also acts as a global directory, which may contain your email, Instant Messenger, Website, FTP or location based information. In fact, this number can be used as a global business card, containing all your up to date and accurate information.

On the market today, are many enum based devices or applications which allow you to benefit from these exciting new services compared to traditional numbers.

Any existing VoIP user can now obtain this new global resource by going to and registering for their own personal number.

It will only cost £12 a year plus a one off activation fee. The 878-10 Country Code is an I.T.U. delegated number resource for the purposes of Universal Personal Telephony.

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